IT Outsourcing Support Services

Stuart Harris offers custom IT Services outsourcing consultancy and contracting services. Following a distinguished consulting career leading many types of IT outsourcing engagements, his focus now is on short/medium term assignments.   Stuart is extremely experienced in understanding how to seamlessly work with client teams, whether it be in leadership or support roles. 

Types of client engagements SHC can help with include:

  • Staffing Augmentation
    • Role Definition and Training
    • Short Term Replacement
  • Supplier Assessments 
    • SLA Performance Review 
    • Contract Deliverable Identification and Tracking
    • Supplier Management and Negotiations
  • Sourcing Transaction Management – implementation of sourcing initiatives
    • RFP Development, including scope of work, service levels, etc
    • Financial Base Case building
    • Pricing approach and strategy
    • Managing the bid competition
    • Negotiation leadership and support
  • Governance Services
    • Overall Governance process reviews
    • Development of contract management tools
  • Education and Workshops

Contract Manager Tools

We have experience working with many types of contact governance tools, including our own Deliverable and Obligation tracker.