Higher Education – OPM (Online Program Management) Sourcing

Building on recent experience contracting in this space, Stuart Harris Consulting is moving to offer broad deal Advisory services for OPM.  These services range from helping in strategy development, assisting in the RFP/sourcing process, contract development and negotiation all the way through to contract governance and exit strategy development. SHC recent experience in this space includes: –

OPM Case Study 1 – Running an RFP approach to OPM solution selection.  

OPM Case Study 2 – Negotiating terms for exit from an OPM agreement.  

IT Outsourcing Client and Supplier Services

SHC offers custom IT Services outsourcing consultancy services for both clients and suppliers. Focused on building a long term relationship, we support your initiatives and bring you the skills you need, only as you need them.

Contract Manager Tools

We have experience working with many types of contact governance tools, including our own Deliverable and Obligation tracker.