Outsourcing Contracting and Negotiations

Stuart Harris provides highly specialized services to support clients in IT outsourcing contracting and negotiations. Types of contracts covered include Cloud hosting, SD WAN deployment as well as traditional full stack IT outsourcing.

Stuart has extensive experience in understand the critical components of these contracts (SLA’s, Service Descriptions, Termination Rights, Performance Obligations, Security and Data Protection, Pricing strategy, etc.) and driving negotiations to reach successful client outcomes. His focus is on short/medium term assignments that close out deals quickly while ensuring that Clients do not settle for less than market, pushing back on Supplier slanted terms.  

Stuart has over 20 years of experience with IT outsourcing contracts and negotiations. He can also help with Supplier performance reviews, dispute resolution, contract termination planning and many other situations in the sourcing lifecycle. Stuart has acted on multiple occasions as an Expert Witness in contract litigation, he understands IT outsourcing contracts.   

 Types of client engagements SHC can help with include:

  • Sourcing Transaction Management – implementation of sourcing initiatives
    • RFP Development, including scope of work, service levels, etc
    • Financial Base Case building
    • Pricing approach and strategy
    • Managing the bid competition
    • Negotiation leadership and support
  • Supplier Assessments 
    • SLA Performance Review 
    • Contract Deliverable Identification and Tracking
    • Supplier Management and Negotiations
  • Governance Services
    • Overall Governance process reviews
    • Development of contract management tools
  • Education and Workshops

Contract Manager Tools

SHC has experience working with many types of contact governance tools, including our own Deliverable and Obligation tracker.