Supplier Services

SHC offers a range of outsourcing consultancy services to suppliers.

SHC consultants have extensive experience that can be of significant value to suppliers. We understand at a very deep level how to win deals through working with third party advisors. In addition, many of our people have worked for suppliers in sales and operational roles.

Types of supplier engagements SHC can help with include:

  • Pursuit Support – help with a specific sales opportunity that can include
    • Bid Strategy
    • Relationship Assistance
    • Requirements Interpretation
    • Response Review and Critique
  • Organization Assessments – an independent review of strengths and opportunities
    • How good are you?
    • What is holding you back?
    • How do clients see you?
    • Where  do you need to most improve?
  • Education and Workshops
    • Market Pricing  Structures – What is included/excluded
    • Market Prices – How competitive are your rates?
    • How to succeed when working with third party advisers
  • ​Governance Services
    • Overall Governance process reviews
    • Development of contract management tools